This is the first wellness device in the world that uses four types of energy to strengthencells and support our body’s self-healing processes. EmtechUltimate is able to bring about general well-being, ease fatigue and relief of discomfort across a number of conditions.

It is a combination of High Electric Potential, Ultra Long Magnetic Potential/PEMF, Far Infrared Potential, and Thermoxibustion (Heat) Potential in its therapy. Also known as HUFT Energy Regulation.

It stimulates the arteries, veins and nerves giving us an exercise effect biologically.  It improves our blood circulation, strengthens our immune system, detoxifies, and charges up (polarizes) every cell in our body to absorb more oxygen and nutrients to maintain good health and facilitate our body’s self-repair, self-healing processes.

Technology and parts are from Germany, assembly plant is in Singapore.

It is the smallest in its category; it is IEC60601 approved which is a medical device certification. The only one that uses an exceptionally low current of 300 microamperes and yet is able to boost up to 20,000V of physiological effect. It is safe, non static and extremely easy to use. It can take a standing weight up of 150Kg. It is durable and robust.

Emtech is well recognized not only by many local organizations like TUV SUD (Singapore) and Singapore Book of Records, but also by many international organizations like IEC (International Electro technaical Committee).

Retail price of Emtech ULTIMATE is $7900 inclusive of GST.

We have many centres in Singapore giving 30 free sessions. The list of locations can be found on our website or at our Head Office.

Emtech machines are now used in government places and NGO’s e.g. Community Clubs, Family Service Day Care Centres, Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centres, churches, temples, even beauty therapy centres, etc…

I guess we should not compare us with anyone, as we are the only wellness company that has penetrated the grassroots, hospitals and clinics. Prior to that, we do not wish to be affiliated with any other “so called” similar products outside as many of their dealers are not professionals and they often misrepresent or over-claim. EmtechUltimate is indeed the only genuine wellness device that works with the four methodologies of treatment. Therefore there is no comparison with other products in town.

Not more than 2 hours a day in any Emtech studio - split into one hour in the morning and 1 hour at night at least 6 hours or more apart. Usually 2 hours daily would already yield maximum improvement in vast majority of cases.

For those using machine at home, some people use more than 2 hours a day and mayhave no dehydration symptoms (“heatiness”). If they experience better improvement, they should there use more than 2 hours. Machine is safe to be used many hours a day for the same individual, as long as you return back to the lesser hours of usage per day when dehydration symptoms are experienced.

Using more than 2 hours a day does not necessarily yield us a better improvement of the medical condition, though it may for some people.These people who do not feel heaty or dehydrated may therefore use more than 2 hours daily with no upper limit. For first timers, we advise 1 hour daily, and increase progressively to 2 hours a day (gap at least 6 hours between each hour).

Those with heart problems and poorly controlled high blood pressure or low blood pressure, anaemia and thalassemia, please use machine NO MORE THAN 1 hour per day for the first 30 days of treatments.

Normally, you can use 2 times a day. Each time, you can use up to 1 hour. But if you feel dehydrated when using the maximum, then revert back to half an hour twice a day and drink more plain water.

It’s strongly recommended that we use the machine everyday to see the maximum improvement from the usage. Minimal frequency is 4 times a week to experience improvements. The more frequent you use the machine per week, per month, per year, or per one’s lifetime, the better the health improvement is for our body. Just make sure you do not use too much in the same day, that’s all - as it may dehydrate our body to cause “heatiness”.

One should start to experience better sleep and more energized within the first week. Darkened urine and stool could be observed as part of the detoxification. Amongst other determining factors, how long it takes one to experience improvement may depend on the chronicity and severity of our existing medical conditions at the time of starting Emtech therapy. Vast majority of conditions will start improving within 2 weeks to 9 weeks of treatment. 

Professionally we do not wish to make any claim but it is definitely good support against a whole host of conditions due to oxidative degeneration, infections, toxicity, stress, deficiency in metabolisms, etc... The therapy focuses mainly on improving health status and functionality of our cells, as every disease begins with sick cells. 

Everyone as the matter of fact should use it. It is good for the whole family.
For infants, just hold them in your arms for 5 – 10 minutes.
For children less than 9 years old – 15 to 20 minutes depending on the body size.
For children between 9 to 12 years old – 30 minutes.
For children above 12 years old – may do up to 1 hour daily.

The energies emitted from the machine travel in a form of radiation. Even the light and colours that we see are all traveling in a form of radiation which we call as electromagnetic wave.

Not all radiations are harmful to human body which highly depends on the frequency of the radiation. The PEMF emitted from the machine has ultralow frequency which is similar to the frequencies of earth magnetic field from Mother Nature. Far infrared is also emitted from the sun but unlike UV-ray which can cause direct damage to the cells. Far infrared on the other hand is perceived as heat by our nerve and it slows down the degeneration of soft tissues.

There are NO side effects but do expect some recovery symptoms.

Usually, they are very mild reactions like –skin itch, sore throat, tiredness, body aching or mild dizziness, etc. They are self limiting in nature and will relieve spontaneously especially you drink more plain water. You don’t need to stop your treatment. Reduce duration of treatment if, despite drinking more plain water, the symptoms are too unmanageable.

Depending on the age and size of the body, it is required to drink up to 4% of our body weight of plain water every day

eg. 50kg X 4%=2L.

This is in addition to your coloured drinks. Caffeinated drinks do not include. 

Normally, High(Orange) heat setting (which is between 40 – 45 C) is to be used in almost all situations except those suffering from diabetes mellitus or any other skin conditions like eczema, skin itchiness, sensitive or raw skin. For such cases, only Medium (Green) or Low (Blue) heat setting is allowed since our skin is very sensitive and may burn or blister at temperatures around 40 C.

For those people who have any open wounds or fresh bleeding/swelling on skin, only Low (Blue) heat setting is allowed since heat can dilate blood vessels and therefore can induce more bleeding or swelling.

The effectiveness will still remain the same as it does not affect the intensity or effectiveness of other energies emitted from the machine by reducing the temperature setting.

The machine will easily last you for 10 or more years without needing to change any internal parts at all.

It comes with a test pen and a magnetic ball. You can test it along the way. Alternatively, you can bring your machine down to our Service Centre.

For normal surgical operation (no post operative complications), you may start using the feet position and other position treatment after 2 weeks of operation. However, it is important to rest the operated area for at least 2 months, i.e. he or she should not put the machine against the stomach for 60 days if he or she had stomach surgery.

For a normal delivery (without any complication), she can start using the machine after 2 weeks of delivery.

If a child is delivered by surgical operation, she needs to avoid holding machine on stomach or sitting on machine until at least 60 days after surgery. However, she can start using the feet and other positions 2 weeks after the operation.

Don’t worry. Nothing adverse will happen. We just cannot allow the pregnant lady to use our machine due to legalities.

Yes, we sure can. Emtech usage is independent of western treatment. It only helps support our body against the ravaging side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy by supporting your body’s metabolic processes and immune cells.

If he is told by the specialist that heis allowed to drink normal amounts of plain water, then he may progress on to do 1-hour treatment, observantly watching out for dehydration symptoms. If any, reduce back to daily 30 minutes of treatment only. However, if his specialist instructs him to drink less the healthy quantity of plain water daily, then he may only use Emtech therapy 30 minutes daily, and regularly consult with our in-house Wellness Consultants if undesirable dehydration effects do still occur. 

It does not matter. You can use the machine either on empty stomach or full stomach. However, the machine may make you feel hungry since it can boost your body’smetabolic rate, especially when you don’t take enough fibre-rich foods.

If the shower water is warm, it does not matter even if you take shower immediately after using Emtech. If cold water is used instead, then it’s suggested to shower only no earlier than 30 minutes after Emtech treatment, as cold shower may suddenly constrict the Magnetotherapy-dilated blood vessels to possibly cause rheumatism-like symptoms.

Yes, you can, especially at our Centres. Removing socks may cause smelly odours affecting others in the vicinity.Wearing socks is good also if you have moisturizer or creams applied to the feet to prevent direct contact of cream with the machine’s treatment surface. Also, covering feet skin lesions with socks gives a feeling of hygiene to the next person to use the machine. Using the machine at home, one may choose to wear, or not to wear, socks.

It depends on type of watch you wear and whether the watch is too near the treatment surface. It is ok to wearquartz (battery) watches whether the watch is touching the treatment surface or far away from it. However, your watch must not be touching or be too near the machine if your watch is of the automatictype, since direct electromagnetic waves from the machine may interfere with the power-generating crystals inside the watch.

No, you don’t need to remove your magnetic bracelets or necklaces. It doesn’t affect Emtech treatment at all. 

The sole of each foot contains 7,200 nerve endings. Far infrared rayspenetrate these nerve endings to stimulate, balance and detoxthe entire body system.This will pave the way for better repair and recovery when we do the localized treatments.

There may be a lot of factors contributing to this:

1. If machine has cooled down, it’ll take about 10 minutes to heat up the machine at the “MOXI” heat setting. However, if someone just finished using the machine and you just took over, you’ll feel that the machine is hot.

2. Using the machine after walking around a lot, you’ll feel the machine less hot because your feet are still warm, compared to cold feet stepping on the machine.

3. Those with thick skin under the feet would feel less heat compared to those who have thinner skin there.

4. Those born with sensory nerve endings very near the skin surface will feel more heat stepping on the machine, compared to those born with very deep rooted sensory nerve endings.

Unfortunately we do not charge by sessions. We charge by package. There are two packages to cater for different needs.
$130 – 30 sessions to be completed within 40 days (Season Pass)
$  90 – 15 sessions to be completed within 40 days (Paid Card)

Machine buyer or VIPs are entitled for 30 complimentary sessions every year which will be reinstated from  1st January and expired on 31st December. VIPs are allowed to bring a guest to use the device at any outlets of Emtech.