Welcome To Emtech!


At Emtech Wellness, we believe that the path to great health starts from the basics of mother nature: Nutrition, exercise, and the natural environment.

However, in our hectic city lives, it gets increasingly difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. We eat processed foods and sit at our desks all day. We are surrounded by harmful EM waves that disrupts our sleep and essential bodily functions. We lead high stress lives in a fast paced society.

To combat the inevitable harm that our city environment causes to our bodies, Emtech combines Eastern natural healing philosophies with the sophistication of German technology, bringing forth the Emtech Ultimate: an electromagnetic device that combines 4 naturally occurring energies that regulates our body’s health and wellness. .

Let us show you the simple steps to being healthy.

Emtech Philosophy

Emtech defines health as the World Health Organisation does: Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

From this definition of health, Emtech believes in the following philosophies:

1. Therapy should cause no harm, include no toxins, or cause any side effects that may be damaging to health

2. Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, and we enhance our self healing mechanisms through therapy to maintain health.

3. We should identify and cure the cause of the illness, not suppress the symptoms. Symptoms should only appear as our body’s self healing mechanism is combating for recovery

4. Prevention is better than cure. We emphasize keeping daily good health and preventing illness, not treating them.

5. Therapy is to establish the all round comprehensive state of health, including physical body, mind, and soul.

Emtech Mission

Emtech strives to help each person achieve better health

Emtech Vission

To be accessible globally to people from all walks of life